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Redesigning the Energy System

We are building the distributed energy system of the future; one that is customer centric, secure and built around households and their connected energy storage devices.

We’re developing resilient and scalable technology platforms to support changing customer demands within the energy transition.

Proprietary Technology Platforms

Kaluza software

Kaluza software

Connecting, orchestrating and optimizing millions of devices on a zero-carbon energy grid



Changing the lives of tradespeople by giving them the tools to excel in a competitive marketplace



Sets up essential home utilities for tenants and generates extra revenue for its partners



API integrated system allowing customers to book engineer appointments across multiple products and installation partners


Introducing a range of revolutionary products

We manufacture proprietary hardware and install it into customers’ homes. This is the first step in enabling thousands of energy storage devices to help balance the grid in times of peak demand, allowing more renewable energy to come onto the system, and empowering households to reduce their electricity bills.

Vehicle-to-Grid Charger

This world first domestic 6kW bi-directional charger transforms electric vehicles into power plants capable of powering the home or sending power back to the grid. Using Kaluza’s intelligent platform, the Vehicle-to-Grid Charger optimises vehicle charging, allowing drivers to use cheaper, greener electricity when it’s available and sell power back to the grid at other times, earning revenues from energy arbitrage and flexibility services.

Smart Charger

OVO’s first 7kW Smart Charger uses Kaluza’s advanced scheduling to optimise grid balancing and battery longevity. The device responds to signals on pricing and demand from the grid. It can automatically charge cars during off-peak periods when demand for electricity is lower and energy is cheaper (and possibly greener). It can also pause charging during peak periods to manage strain on the grid, save money, and avoid the risk of local blackouts caused by surges in demand.

Home Energy Storage

The Home Energy Storage (HES) product consists of a state-of-the-art rechargeable battery, with ultra-fast control and local frequency sensing, plus a high-power bidirectional inverter. Using the real-time intelligent Kaluza platform, HES has been designed to dynamically and proactively manage energy use. It buys energy cheaply when demand is low, and stores it, before discharging it to the house when consumers need it, or back into the grid at times of peak demand.

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