Supporting Aims - OVO Group

Create value for our communities

We are passionate about being better for everyone. Not just for our customers, but also for our communities, locally and further afield.  

We set up the OVO Foundation in 2014 to expand OVO Energy’s charitable giving and bring caring closer to home. It focuses on energy access, youth poverty and educational inequality and we’re in the process of reviewing our Foundation’s aims to align them more closely with Plan Zero. 

Our progress

Around 50,000 people benefited from programmes in the UK and Kenya funded by OVO Foundation in 2020. And we’re continuing to support local charities with donations and volunteering, to help communities build back better from the pandemic and tackle issues such as food poverty, homelessness, and isolation.

Safeguard data and privacy

We’re committed to protecting data, safeguarding data privacy and keeping information secure. This will be essential as more people join us on the journey to zero carbon, and as we connect more devices to a smarter, more renewable energy system.



Our progress

We’ve put in place the governance, teams, systems, and processes to protect data and manage information security consistently, for both our people and our members, across all areas of our business. We’ve given special attention to protecting data as we migrate more of our 5 million members to a single intelligent billing platform.

Strengthen the supply chain

We want to partner with suppliers who share our values, working together to make a positive difference. OVO has a zero tolerance approach to all types of modern slavery and human trafficking within our business and supply chains.




Our progress

We have a Supplier Code of Conduct that we expect our suppliers to adhere to and we publish an annual Modern Slavery Statement. We’ve also got a sustainable procurement process in place that considers sustainability risks when evaluating and selecting new suppliers, and we plan to map social environmental risks across our supply chain as a next step. 

Protect health and safety

We do everything we can to make health and safety a priority. We carefully monitor and manage incidents that involve our people at our offices or on the road. And we manage risks and learn the lessons from high-potential incidents and near misses, to actively prevent harm and reduce injuries in the future.




Our progress

We’ve aligned our processes, protocols, and policies for health, safety, and wellbeing across the whole of our business. During the pandemic, our priority was to make our workplaces and working practices Covid-19-safe, and to set up processes for reporting and monitoring self-isolation. We followed all government guidelines and moved our people home, reducing the spread of infection while looking after their mental wellbeing.

Plan Zero

The climate crisis is the single most important issue of our time. We are at a turning point in history: we all have a shared responsibility to take action. Plan Zero is our initial endeavour to set out what OVO’s actions must be.
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