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Advocate for greater action to address the climate emergency

This target requires us to use our voice to call for greater action from the energy sector and beyond to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The scale of the challenge demands that we work collaboratively and through partnerships with a broad range of stakeholders including our competitors. We will challenge the UK Government, regulators, businesses and other stakeholders to do more to address the climate crisis.

OVO Approach

Lead by example
In June 2019, the UK Government committed to cutting greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.  While the UK’s target is ambitious, the action to date to curb greenhouse gas emissions is lagging far behind what is required.  We believe that there is a clear role for businesses to step up, inject a sense of urgency and lead the UK’s journey to net zero. 

When it comes to the climate crisis, it’s essential that companies support policies and even advocate and champion more aggressive measures to lead us to net zero emissions. We want to lead by example. We’re demanding more from ourselves, from government and will more actively engage and work with our customers. We will be advocating for changes that support achieving the net zero target without putting the burden on those least able to pay, such as the personal campaign, ZeroC, launched by OVO CEO, Stephen Fitzpatrick, to introduce a General Carbon Charge.  

Working together
Climate change affects us all – regardless of where we live, what we do for a living or what we believe. Working to solve this crisis can bring us together like never before.  We know that we don’t have all the answers and that we can only achieve so much on our own, especially given the interconnected and complex challenges of decarbonisation. We are actively seeking partnerships and collaborations because together we can have a greater impact.

Next Steps

We want the UK Government to bring forward policies that will better incentivise customers to adopt new, flexible residential energy technologies, including the introduction of price signals in the energy market to reward customers for using their energy flexibly.
We call on the UK Government to bring forward its “all new car purchases to be Electric Vehicles” date to 2030. We also want an EV charge point on every street and new building obligations to ensure capacity for smart electric heat in new homes.
We support policies that facilitate the transition to a smarter system. These include the roll out of half-hourly settlement to reduce operational costs and enable innovative proportions to compete on a level playing field. We advocate clear manufacturer standards and changes that facilitate smart meter export.

Sustainable development goals

Plan Zero

The climate crisis is the single most important issue of our time. We are at a turning point in history: we all have a shared responsibility to take action. Plan Zero is our initial endeavour to set out what OVO’s actions must be.
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