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Help our customers halve their total carbon footprint

26% of an individual’s average carbon footprint in the UK comes from energy and 33% from transport*. Our first step is to aim for net zero carbon homes for all our customers, starting with achieving our science based targets for Scope 3 emissions based on gas and electricity supply, by helping people use their energy better, enabling more renewable electricity and electrifying heat. 

We will continue to develop products and tools to reduce carbon emissions from heat and transport, but we want to do more. We want to work with our customers to reduce carbon emissions in areas of their lives that currently fall outside of the scope of our business. Through partnerships, incentives and providing tailored information, we want to play a part in supporting low-carbon behaviours and choices.  

* Analysis carried out by the Carbon Trust for OVO (2019)

OVO Approach

It is clear that most people want to do something about the climate crisis, but it is difficult to know what we can do as individuals and what impact our actions will have. Many options involve sacrifice, are too difficult, too expensive or are simply unclear. We want to inform, inspire, and motivate our customers to understand their impact on climate change and to take action. We believe in the power of small changes over time and want to create a community where we can demonstrate the power of collective action.

Working together to reduce carbon
Through OVO Energy, we are moving away from a solely transactional relationship with our customers simply buying energy and products from us. We are launching a membership model with the aim of working with our customers to achieve a net zero carbon future.  We believe that a committed community of members who share similar values and a collective desire to do their bit to tackle the climate crisis can make a difference. Our philosophy is simple, we believe we can lead the way to net zero carbon living through:

Information – providing members with a tangible understanding of the contribution energy makes to their carbon footprint, including using smart meters and AI.

Inspiration – showing members how their individual contribution adds up to meaningful change and that they can be part of something bigger than themselves.

Action – providing members with achievable, personalised actions to reduce their carbon footprint, delivered through digital tools, products and services.

We’re starting by giving all of our members access to our Carbon Tracker, a tool that estimates a member’s carbon footprint, gives them a science-based carbon target and encourages them to take actions to reduce their impact.  By providing our members with personalised data insights, advice, incentives and specific content, we aim to change behaviour and provide guidance on leading a more sustainable life.

Zero carbon homes
A core part of helping our members reduce their carbon footprint relates to what they do at home, especially regarding the energy they use to power and heat their homes and how they fuel their vehicles. Helping members to reduce their impact starts with being as efficient as possible and establishing ways to reduce wasted energy use. Getting clean energy onto the grid is critical in the transition to a zero carbon world but so is using energy better and more efficiently.


Our aim is to mobilise a zero carbon community. We have a series of offerings to begin to achieve this:

Renewable energy – We can power our members’ homes with renewable electricity, and electrify heat and transport.

Energy efficiency – We can help our members use their energy better and more efficiently through flexible, smart technologies and services.

Low carbon technologies – We can enable our members to be active participants in the grid, storing energy and releasing it back when needed, through our hardware and software that enables a smart, intelligent, distributed energy system.

Data analytics – We can empower our members with personalised information, engaging them, helping them understand their impact and their actions.

Rewards – We can engage and incentivise our members to reduce their carbon footprint through partnerships and other rewards.

Offsets – We can offer offsets for emissions that cannot yet be avoided.

Next Steps

OVO Smart Heat – Selling heat as a service in a digital world allows our members to have heat that works around them and their needs.
Content, championing events and education – We want to encourage our members to engage with the climate crisis and help their understanding and awareness of actions that can be taken to do their bit.
CORGI HomePlan engineers and OVO service agents – Our engineers and service agents will prioritise providing energy efficiency advice to members.

Sustainable development goals

Plan Zero

The climate crisis is the single most important issue of our time. We are at a turning point in history: we all have a shared responsibility to take action. Plan Zero is our initial endeavour to set out what OVO’s actions must be.
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