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OVO launched ten years ago, with the knowledge that the energy sector is of fundamental importance to society and a belief that there must be a better way. But while we’ve always worked to be better — for our customers, for the environment and for our communities — we haven’t always done enough. That’s about to change.

Global warming is the single biggest challenge facing humanity today. For the past 200 years, we’ve been on a roller coaster ride of industrialisation, modernisation and soaring population rise, with the fire of fossil fuels powering society’s insatiable appetite for growth.

Now, we have to stop focusing on more; we must do better. We have to be the generation that re-imagines energy for the world’s 7.5 billion people today, and for all those who will follow.

The UK government has recognised the urgency of this situation. It has set out a greenhouse gas emissions target of net-zero by 2050, making it the world’s first major economy to commit to real progress. But how we get there is up to us.

At OVO, we want to move even faster to create a world without carbon. We are calling our new direction Plan Zero.

Plan Zero is our response to the climate crisis, based on a thorough assessment of our own carbon footprint and the recognition that change starts at home. It sets out how we will start to transform our entire business in order to help drive progress toward zero carbon living.

Through Plan Zero, we commit to achieving net zero carbon emissions across our own operations by 2030. We will lead by example and, in so doing, hope to earn the respect and trust of our communities.

We will mobilise our customers to form a zero carbon community, helping them halve their total lifestyle carbon emissions and eliminate their household emissions completely by 2030. We will enable them all to be active participants in a newer, more resilient, flexible and intelligent grid and to play their part in transitioning to a zero carbon world.

Finally, we commit to tirelessly advocating for a transition to a zero carbon world that does not leave the poorest behind. We will work together with government, regulators, businesses and other organisations to ensure we are creating a fair new energy system where everyone in society shares in the benefits of our collective progress.

It’s a bold plan, and there will be myriad difficulties and challenges ahead. Yet, it is our hope that others will read this, be inspired to join us, and that together we will work toward a better way forward.

We are living in extraordinary times. Faceless corporations, globalisation, and the relentless pace of technological change have led to ordinary people feeling insignificant and unheard. And yet, like no time before in history, individuals have immense power to affect great change.

Whether it is a 16-year-old girl leading a student protest, environmental activists bringing Europe’s largest city to a standstill, or a local group investing in a community solar project, citizens everywhere are doing what they can to create a brighter future.

More than ever before, companies must listen to these voices calling for change. Consumers are tired of economic models that drive greater inequality, polarisation and environmental destruction. Businesses must work harder to create value for society and protection for the environment, to fulfil the most basic social contract, to leave the world a better place than we found it.

Putting the needs of customers, employees, community and the planet first is not just a moral imperative, it is the basis for long term commercial success for any enterprise in the 21st century.

It is with this knowledge that we begin our next chapter at OVO, continuing our mission to power human progress through clean, affordable energy for everyone.

Welcome to Plan Zero.

Plan Zero

The climate crisis is the single most important issue of our time. We are at a turning point in history: we all have a shared responsibility to take action. Plan Zero is our initial endeavour to set out what OVO’s actions must be.
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