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OVO Foundation pledges over £900,000 to expand Future Builders programme and tackle youth poverty

OVO Foundation pledges over £900,000 to tackle youth poverty and homelessness across England and Scotland over the next three years.


28 January 2020

  • OVO Foundation pledges over £900,000 to tackle youth poverty and homelessness across England and Scotland over the next three years.
  • The Future Builders programme will create 20 new and affordable homes for young people who have experienced or are at risk of homelessness. 
  • OVO Energy will power all renovated homes with subsidised renewable energy; helping young people to live more sustainably and save money.

28th January 2020 Future Builders, an innovative programme which helps young people break the cycle of homelessness by providing access to affordable housing, is launching in Perth and Norfolk, expanding in Bristol and continuing in Sheffield. 

OVO Foundation has pledged over £900,000 to the programme to create long-term positive change for more than 175 young people at risk of or experiencing homelessness over the next three years. 

Future Builders gives young people the skills and opportunity to renovate semi-derelict homes that they can live in. Crucially, the rent for young people living in Future Builders homes is very affordable (usually one-third of the local market rate), which helps to remove a financial barrier. The Future Builders will also receive support to access education, employment and training (EET). The aim at the end of the programme is for all young people to be able to live and work independently.  

The four partners being funded by OVO Foundation are: 

  1. 1625 Independent People (IP): a Bristol-based charity supporting young people aged 16-25 who are experiencing or are at risk of becoming homeless. OVO Foundation will support the 4 existing properties that provide a home for 13 young people, as well as acquiring two additional properties that will be home to  five more young people.
  2. Roundabout: South Yorkshire’s local youth homeless charity provides shelter, support and life skills to young people, with a strong focus on homeless prevention. Our support for the existing three Future Builders properties – which provides homes for 9 young people in Sheffield – continues.
  3. The Benjamin Foundation: a Norfolk and Suffolk-based charity that aims to tackle youth poverty and offers a wide range of services and support to young people with limited opportunities. Together with OVO Foundation and additional refurbishment funds from LandAid, two properties have been acquired and will offer a home to six young people after renovation.
  4. The Rock Trust: a Scottish charity working to end youth homelessness and offering a range of services providing young people with advice, housing and support. Rock Trust will launch Future Builders in Perth, where nine homes will be renovated by Future Builders, in partnership with the local authority. Young people taking part in the project in Perth will be supported through this period of transition while living in a secure, affordable and sustainable Future Builders home. 

Gaby Sethi, Head of OVO Foundation, commented:

“We are thrilled that Future Builders is expanding and will launch for the first time in Scotland. Given the success of the scheme across the UK, we are looking forward to helping more young people escape homelessness whilst providing them with the relevant training or support. So far we have already refurbished 7 properties, creating over 20 homes and supporting 133 young people over the last three years.”

During 2020 OVO Foundation will continue to work closely with End Youth Homelessness, a national movement to end youth homelessness in the UK, and will share learnings and facilitate workshops with delivery partners.

Nick Connolly, Managing Director of End Youth Homelessness, commented:

‘We are delighted that Future Builders is expanding into new regions thanks to  funding from OVO Foundation; the programme will enable our member charities to provide more affordable accommodation and training for more homeless young people, supporting them to build positive futures.’


For more information:

E: media@ovoenergy.com

About OVO Foundation

OVO Foundation is OVO Energy’s charity. It was created in 2014 to expand OVO Energy’s charitable giving and bring caring closer to home. We help smart charitable organisations tackle three of the most complex social problems of our time: youth homelessness, educational inequality, and access to energy. At the heart of it all is our mission to give young people a better future. We’re not after short-term fixes. It’s all about long-term change. And we don’t just give money. Our Foundation team commits months of research to seeking out and developing innovative projects that will make the biggest impact. Over 60,000 OVO Energy customers choose to donate to OVO Foundation each month by adding at least 25p to their monthly statement. OVO Energy matches all customer donations, and also covers OVO Foundation’s overheads so 100% of donations go directly to the projects. 

About EYH

End Youth Homelessness (EYH) is a national movement to end youth homelessness in the UK. EYH brings together local charities to tackle youth homelessness on a national scale. Each EYH charity works in its own way to meet the needs of local young people; all sharing a belief in giving homeless young people the opportunity to turn their lives around; build high aspirations and move on to successful and independent lives. 

EYH charities work directly with over 30,000 young people who are amongst the most deprived in the UK. 


EYH was founded in 2010 by EYH charity Centrepoint, after its patron, HRH the Duke of Cambridge, challenged the charity to end youth homelessness. 


The charities supported through End Youth Homelessness are: 1625 Independent People (Bristol), Aberdeen Foyer (Aberdeen), The Amber Foundation (Surrey, Wiltshire, and Devon), St. Basils (West Midlands), The Benjamin Foundation (Norfolk), Centrepoint (Barnsley, Bradford, London, Manchester, and Sunderland), Llamau (Wales), MACS (Northern Ireland), The Rock Trust (Edinburgh, Glasgow, West Lothian), and Roundabout (Sheffield), Step by Step (South of England). 


About LandAid

LandAid is the property industry charity, working to end youth homelessness in the UK. We bring the property industry together to support projects delivering life-changing services for young people who are or have been homeless, or who are at risk of homelessness in the future. Through a unique network of corporate partners, we invest funding and expertise where we can achieve lasting impact. 

For further information about LandAid, please contact Harriet Scott at Redwood on 020 7828 5553 / 07801 899 679 or email harriets@redwoodconsulting.co.uk. 



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